Weight Loss Incentive

WellFit offers employees, and/or their spouses, reimbursement of 50% (not to exceed $300 per year per participant) for fees paid for an approved, accredited weight loss program.

Who's eligible to receive the incentive?
All active full-time and regular part-time, benefits eligible employees, and/or spouses and eligible dependents who join an approved, accredited weight loss program. Written documentation from a physician recommending the approved weight loss program MUST be submitted for dependants under the age of 18 to receive the incentive.

How much will the Company pay?
The Company will reimburse you for 50% of fees paid for the program up to a maximum of $300 a year. Initial joiner fees, food, and/or equipment are not eligible for reimbursement.

Do I have to fulfill any guidelines to receive the incentive?
You are expected to meet the requirements of the weight loss program and actively participate (ex., attend weekly support meetings or weigh-ins).

What is reimbursable under the WellFit Weight Loss Program Incentive?
Only fees incurred to be a member of a weight loss program - such as a weekly meeting fee - are eligible for reimbursement. Food, supplies, books, CDs, tapes, videos, diet supplements and equipment are items that are NOT reimbursable under the program.

How do I apply for the weight loss program reimbursement?

  • Join an approved weight loss program.

  • Submit request for reimbursement through the automated WellFit Reimbursement system in PeopleSoft (My HR) on the the company's Intranet.

Is the reimbursement considered taxable income?
Yes. According to IRS regulations, reimbursements are considered taxable income.

How often will the reimbursement be paid?
Reimbursements will be included as earnings on the paycheck following request for reimbursement and approval through the Wellfit Reimbursement system. After approval, an e-mail is sent to confirm the paycheck on which earnings will be applied.

Can I file for reimbursement at any time during the year?
You can submit requests for reimbursement at any time; however, you must request reimbursement by April 5 for the previous calendar year (for example, fees paid in 2004 must be submitted by April 5, 2005).

For details regarding the Weight Loss Incentive Program, contact Amanda Elder, Wellness Coordinator, (502) 627-2127.